Content Guidelines and Disclaimers

Big Head Signs Content Guidelines

Big Head Signs believes in self-expression and the value of creativity of any sign created by our users. However, in the rare instances that a sign may be viewed as offensive or threatening we reserve the right to not print the sign and will be happy to seek an alternative design with you.

To help you understand what type of signs that may fall into these categories, we’ve outlined the following:

  • Violate the intellectual property rights of others (see our intellectual property policy)
  • Imagery and/or text that depict or encourage violence or hate against individuals or groups
  • Imagery and/or text that promote, feature, or encourage the use of hard drugs
  • Imagery and/or text that discriminates, attack, harass, or defame others based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, or sexual identity
  • Imagery  and/or text that features explicit sex acts , sexually suggestive or frontal nudity
  • Imagery and/or text that feature vulgar or lewd language, or swear words
  • Imagery and/or text Promote, feature or encourage illegal activities (other than those mentioned above)
  • Imagery and/or text might cause public outrage or inspire violence due to a recent event
  • Any words or phrasing that Include hate speech or symbols
  • Any words or phrasing that include overtly sexually connotation or tone, including strong sexual innuendo

Intellectual Properties Disclaimer

Big Head Signs is dedicated to the legal use of the intellectual property of others. All images, designs, photographs, illustrations, icons, and written materials that appear on are copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and/or other intellectual properties owned, controlled or licensed by Big Head Signs unless otherwise noted. is the owner of the Big Head Signs trademark; all other trademarks found on this site (logos, color schemes, slogans, design trademarks) are licensed for use by from other third parties (the “Licensed Marks”). In using the site, you agree to limit your use of Licensed Marks to uses that are directly related to such third parties and to comply with any restrictions or conditions imposed on the use and access of the Licensed Marks by the third parties. will notify if your usage is in violation of such terms.

Products created using images available on should not be resold commercially. Designs created using the text tools and images available through the site are in no way the exclusive property of the customers who assemble such designs. retains the right to display such designs or offer them (or variations of such designs) to other customers.